Dr. Paula Gustafson, MD of Major Pediatrics

Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

Do your part to reverse an epidemic.

Fourteen-year-old Brianna had been a patient in my pediatric practice since birth. Now I had to tell her and her mother some bad news. Brianna had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Sadly, Brianna's condition was probably preventable. A couple of years earlier, Brianna's mother had been diagnosed with the same condition. Reflecting her mother, Brianna had been overweight since early childhood.

Time for action. The bad news? Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic levels. It can result in all kinds of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, and liver diseases. These used to appear primarily in adults. The good news? Childhood obesity is preventable.

Three easy steps. Preventing obesity is not about looking good or one's appearance. Preventing obesity is about good health. If you're a parent or care-giver, you can protect the health of our younger generation. You can make a positive difference – right now.

We need your help to
save a generation!

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